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Getting started — Reading the account reports

Clicking on Reporting in the navigation bar gives you an account-wide visual overview of how your campaigns are performing, or have performed. It aggregates all of your account data, providing a quick and easy way to access and assess it, enabling you to understand your account’s performance, identify trends and… Read More

Getting started — Reading the campaign reports

You can get detailed reports on how your campaigns have performed. A campaign’s report can be accessed by: Clicking on Reporting and then clicking on the Campaign reports button at the top of the account reports overview screen. You can then drill down by selecting the campaign you’re after from… Read More

Getting started — Reviewing and sending your campaign

Your campaign is all written, you’ve set your subject line, and you’ve chosen who it gets sent to and when; so it’s now time to review the whole thing before hitting the final send button. The last step of the campaign process shows you a summary of your campaign and… Read More

Getting started — Campaign send settings

Having created your campaign, and got it exactly how you want it, you now need to select who will receive it and when. Who receives your campaign Once you’ve created some of your own address books you’ll be able to use this page to choose who receives your campaign. Read More

Getting started — Testing your campaign

Before sending out a campaign to your mailing list, it’s important to test it thoroughly. Test sends A test send will send a copy of the campaign to your selected test email addresses, the subject line being prefixed with ‘Test: ‘. Tracking is not enabled for test sends. Different… Read More

Getting started — Creating your campaign plain text content

A plain text version of your campaign is important for two reasons: Contacts may want to receive plain text because they are not fully sighted, or their email client will not display HTML emails Some spam filters will penalise emails for containing only an HTML part and no plain text… Read More

Getting started — Creating your campaign HTML content

Having chosen a suitable template and having set up your campaign, you’re now ready to create your campaign content. This is done using our drag and drop EasyEditor tool. Have a go at: Clicking and editing the text in the campaign Dragging in new blocks from the left-hand side… Read More

Getting started — Campaign setup

The five-step campaign creation process You will now start our five-step campaign creation process. Throughout this process you can see the name of the step, the name of the campaign, and what step you’re on. Throughout the process you can use the Back button to go to the previous step,… Read More

Getting Started – Adding contacts to your account

Every email address you upload is stored in your account as a ‘contact’. In addition to an email address, a contact can have details such as name, preferences and other data associated with it. Address books are lists of contacts used for organising your data and for choosing who to… Read More