Getting started — Campaign send settings

Having created your campaign, and got it exactly how you want it, you now need to select who will receive it and when.


Who receives your campaign

Once you’ve created some of your own address books you’ll be able to use this page to choose who receives your campaign. For your first campaign choose Contacts in your test address book (this will include your own email address and any others that you have sent test sends to).

Address books and segments

Address books are lists of email addresses (contacts); each campaign can be sent to one or more address books, or to a segment (a list of contacts fulfilling particular criteria such as age, location or open/click activity on your campaigns).

When your campaign is sent

You can choose for your campaign to be sent immediately, or at some scheduled time in the future. For now, choose Immediately. If you do want to send scheduled campaigns, you may want to check that your account is set to the right timezone in the Account settings section.

You can also choose to ReMail the campaign; this will create a copy of the campaign and send it again a few days later to anyone not tracked as opening it. Leave this set to No for your first campaign.

Triggering followup campaigns

Once you have set up some triggered campaigns, you will also be able to set up triggered campaigns based on contacts opening, replying to, or clicking on links in the campaign.

Now your campaign is ready to go, it’s time for one last review to make sure it’s all set up as you want it. So click on Save & continue to proceed to the ‘Check and send your campaign’ page.