Pricing Guide

This pricing guide applies to accounts set up after September 2017.

There’s a one off payment of £499+vat. For this low setup fee, you get:

  • the setup of your account by one of our digital experts
  • a one hour telephone and screenshare training session with a MailFirst expert
  • the design of your html newsletter template, in your branding, by one of our experienced designers
  • The build of your template so that it’s ready to use in your account whenever you have a message to send!

Monthly sending limits and charges are as follows*:

Number of sends Monthly fee
up to 1000 £184
1000 to 2499 £214
2500 to 5000 £244
5000 to 10000 £264
10000 to 50000 £294
50000 to 100000 £314

* Minimum monthly fee: £184 +vat

These costs are based on a newsletter that is populated using Content Store material. Looking for something more bespoke? Add a custom intro for an additional £80+vat per month. Take a look at our bespoke blogging product for information on our alternative copywriting solutions.

Added extras: