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What’s new with MailFirst…

Our savviest update to arrive in our new EasyEditor templates comes in the form of ‘styles’. What are ‘styles’? They are a group of text settings which can be applied all at once. ‘Styles’ enables you to easily change a heading to a paragraph and vice versa, in just a… Read More

MailFirst Updates: January/February 2015

MailFirst is updated regularly to make sure clients receive the best level of technology with the greatest array of features. The following updates have been implemented recently to boost its usability and performance. Improved link click reporting A number of changes have been made to the way that links… Read More

A new-look MailFirst is coming: 9th July

On 9th July, we’ll be rolling out a slightly improved look for MailFirst. This is a small update to make the design more streamlined, providing a better, cleaner user experience when you log in to the system. You might notice that important tasks such as campaign creation have more prominence… Read More