MailFirst Updates: January/February 2015

MailFirst is updated regularly to make sure clients receive the best level of technology with the greatest array of features.

The following updates have been implemented recently to boost its usability and performance.

Mail-first Blog - Link GroupImproved link click reporting

A number of changes have been made to the way that links are tracked, including a new feature – link grouping. This means that you can attach an individual link to a group, or multiple groups. For example, a campaign with links to finance matters such as pensions, savings and ISAs could have a link group of ‘Money’ and also ‘Income’.

The bonuses of the new link click reporting include the option to add Google Analytics tracking as well as the ability to edit Google Analytics values.

For reporting purposes, an interactive graph is a shiny new feature that highlights to you a view of clicks per link group. You also have the choice to filter the reporting overview page based on the link groups.

Program builder enhancements (beta)

Enhancements have been made to the program builder, the first being ‘quantity splits’. This means that you can split your contacts, sending them on different routes, depending on how they interact with your communication. For example, you can choose to send the first one hundred recipients to a new address book entitled, ‘First one hundred’, and you can send the rest of your recipients to ‘Over one hundred’. The feature is designed for times you are running competitions, or similar communications, that are likely to attract volumes of data.

Another new addition which aids in the destination of your contacts it that of being able to split them dependent on the date. ‘Date split’ allows you to separate your contacts based on a date and time. This is ideal if one of your campaigns includes a complete by date, or a closing date. You can run the program so that any recipient who does not open or respond to their mailer by a specified time continues on a separate path to others who have.

Please note: as the features above are in beta they are not available to all users. If you are interested in exploring them then please do get in touch. Program builder is only available to clients who have activated the Enterprise level of MailFirst functionality.

Mail-First Blog - Social platformsNew social links

New social links have been added, increasing the amount you can place into your email communications. The new links added are, Google+, YouTube and Vimeo.

Easy editor enhancements

A variety of improvements have been made within the easy editor, with even the minor improvements having a big impact on how you build your mailers. General speed and performance improvements have been made, which simply means that the easy editor is quicker – always one to shout about!

Another improvement that we believe is worth mentioning is that managing your ‘My colours’ section now has the option to remove your previously saved colours, meaning that the ones you no longer want in your campaigns, such as previous brand colours, can be replaced by those you need.

Quick click to copy template

You can now quickly copy a template on the ‘My templates’ page by using the new option in the drop down tab from the ‘More actions’ section.