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What’s new with MailFirst…

Our savviest update to arrive in our new EasyEditor templates comes in the form of ‘styles’. What are ‘styles’? They are a group of text settings which can be applied all at once. ‘Styles’ enables you to easily change a heading to a paragraph and vice versa, in just a… Read More

5 Ideas to make your email marketing more personal

Personalised marketing is currently a big focus for many marketing departments and it’s easy to see why. Client response rates are much higher when they receive communications which seem to have been put together with them, the individual, in mind, and automated tools enabling you to do just that, such… Read More

2014 Trends: Email Marketing

Click-Through Rates are already more important than Open Rates. In 2014, they’ll be even more important. Open Rates and Click-Through Rates are the two metrics email marketers pay most attention to and, in the past, it has been easy to argue that both have a place in key reports. Increasingly… Read More

2014 Trends: Social email

It’s arguable that, despite some lovely graphical flourishes, bog standard emailing hasn’t actually moved on a great deal for a while now. After all, where is there for it to go? Write some text into a ‘compose’ box, give it a snappy subject, enter a handful of addresses, press send… Read More