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What’s new with MailFirst…

Our savviest update to arrive in our new EasyEditor templates comes in the form of ‘styles’. What are ‘styles’? They are a group of text settings which can be applied all at once. ‘Styles’ enables you to easily change a heading to a paragraph and vice versa, in just a… Read More

Video: Pension changes are coming in 2015

MailFirst subscribers will be aware that there is a treasure trove of content available in The Content Store, from articles on financial services topics to royalty free images, discounted guides to videos. One of those videos, covering the pension changes announced for 2015, is proving… Read More

New Quarterly Market Commentaries coming soon

Amongst the top content when it comes to client newsletters each month is our Monthly Market Commentary. Your clients love to be kept informed on a very broad basis of how the world markets have performed over the course of the last thirty days or so and the fairly conversational… Read More