Content Store Policy

The following document has been produced as a guideline to what all copywriters writing for ClientsFirst will work to. It also
highlights to clients what their subscription entitles them to:

1. The Content Store will be updated with at least eight blogs/articles for financial advisers and four for accountancy each month.

2. We do use mainstream media sources and in these instances will always refer to our source.

3. We write with compliance in mind but it is the responsibility of the advisory firm to obtain sign off for any Content Store article they are using.

4. All articles are factually accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. Where these are date specific this will be clearly indicated.

5. All articles are proofread by someone independent to the original writer.

6. Licensed Content Store subscribers are entitled to publish the articles as their own but cannot pass them on or sell them to a third party.

7. Users must access the Content Store via their own individual login. Each subscription allows a maximum of up to three users.

8. Subscribers are reminded to only use images from the Content Store image library. Some of the Content Store articles are accompanied by copyright restricted images so please do not take images directly from them, as we do not have the licence to pass these on for third party use.

9. We cannot be held responsible for any consequences, including fines, that result from using images direct from the Content Store articles. If you wish to source your own images, we can point you in the direction of some websites where you can do so.