£25 addition – Pricing Guide

There are three levels of MailFirst service.
Within MailFirst Lite there is then a choice of functionality, which affects the price.

Choose a MailFirst Package

MF_LightLite MF_ManagedManaged MF_BespokeBespoke

MailFirst Lite – £299 set-up fee

MailFirst Lite is for users who want the tools to do it all themselves. You’ll get access to the software and the Content Store, and you’ll be able to send emails out whenever you want to, from monthly newsletters to ad-hoc communications with prospects. The drag-and-drop editor means it’s easy to use; you’ll start out a novice and soon end up a pro!

MailFirst Lite accounts can be tailored to your requirements through our different functionality offerings. Please click here to view our features guide.

Number of sends Express Professional Enterprise
up to 1000 £64 £84 £104
1001 to 2500 £94 £114 £134
2501 to 5000 £124 £144 £164
5001 to 10000 £144 £164 £184
10001 to 50000 £174 £194 £214
50001 to 100000 £194 £214 £244

MailFirst Managed – £499 set-up fee

For those of you who don’t have time to send out your own monthly newsletters, MailFirst Managed may be for you! This means that we handle everything for you – from setting up your newsletter, to selecting the content, to pressing ‘send’! We’ll get to know you first so that we select the correct content and then we’ll send everything across to you to review before the finished email goes out.

All MailFirst Managed accounts are at Enterprise level.

All accounts are charged depending on sending levels.

Sending limits and charges

Number of sends Managed
up to 1000 £184
1000 to 2499 £214
2500 to 5000 £244
5000 to 10000 £264
10000 to 50000 £294
50000 to 100000 £314

** Minimum monthly fee: £84

MailFirst Bespoke – £499 set-up fee

Our MailFirst Bespoke option really is the ultimate email and content marketing solution! Not only will we put your monthly newsletter together for you and send it out each month but, with MailFirst Bespoke, we’ll also write custom, original content for you. Want just an introduction and an article? No problem! Want to go even bigger with multiple campaigns, all with brand new content? We do that too! Bespoke gets your original voice out there to everyone through engaging content and eye-catching design.

All MailFirst Bespoke accounts are at Enterprise level.

All accounts are charged depending on sending levels

Sending limits and charges

Number of sends Bespoke
up to 1000 from £324
1000 to 2499 from £344
2500 to 5000 from £384
5000 to 10000 from £404
10000 to 50000 from £444
50000 to 100000 from £484

** Minimum monthly fee: £84

** Bespoke pricing is defined by how much content the client requires, starting from £324p/m for 1 x custom intro, 1 x bespoke article, sent to up to 1,000 contacts.

Additional items (all excluding vat)

  • New or additional HTML template (designed and added to account): £160+vat
  • New or additional template header: £80+vat
  • Additional training: £120+vat per hour
  • Additional alias, for example, newname@clients-mailfirst.co.uk: £75+vat
  • Bespoke domain name, for example, ifa@myifa-online.com: £300+vat
  • Bespoke domain name renewal fee: £40+vat pa
  • Website content management: Prices from £35 per month
  • Creation of a MailFirst Preference Centre: From £240+vat