GDPR: Functionality updates, hints, tips & more…

As a MailFirst subscriber, you will no doubt control personal data within your account. It is your responsibility to ensure that the data within your account is compliant within the GDPR regulations.

We have a long-standing relationship with a company called dotmailer, who we use when processing on your behalf the data held in your MailFirst account with us. dotmailer own and provide the MailFirst software and is also responsible for software updates along with platform security. Both the MailFirst team and dotmailer understand that the platform is an integral tool for our clients to manage data. dotmailer have undergone a full programme to improve the platform to help facilitate our clients’ compliance under the GDPR.

In 2017, dotmailer made changes to how contacts are exported and deleted within the platform, making it easier for clients to comply with Subject Access Requests and requests from data subjects to be forgotten if they request it.

More recently, dotmailer have added features such as GDPR template programs along with functionality to assist in consent based GDPR plans. dotmailer have recently published the following;

  • We’ve made it possible to store consent against your contacts, so you can demonstrate this consent if you need to.
  • We’ve made it possible to verify your double opt-ins for all new contacts (including those from bulk uploads)
  • You can now see ‘pending contacts’ (those who’ve been sent a verification email but not yet responded)

For more information on the above, search ‘Consent Insight’ in our ‘Knowledge Base’ found by clicking ‘Help’ in the top right hand corner of your account.

Our role is to liaise on your behalf with dotmailer on any questions you may have in relation to the platform and how this affects your own GDPR journey. We will update you as we work closely with the platform provider. There is also a dedicated GDPR resource page on the dotmailer website here which you may find useful.

We have also included a few handy hints and tips below that you may find useful:

1) By 25th May it will become compulsory for you to enable double opt-in on your list sign ups. You can check if this is enabled by going to Account Settings > Features. Navigate your way to the ‘help’ tab in the top right hand corner of your MailFirst account and click ‘see more in our knowledge base’. From here you can search key terms such as ‘double opt-in’. Our knowledge base covers how you can find and customise your double opt-in trigger along with an overview on the different opt-in types and what they mean. The double opt-in link may also be useful when sending consent mailers.

2) Our Professional and Enterprise accounts* all have access to the ‘Segment Builder’ (found under the contacts tab within your account) where you can run queries on your data to view the status of your contact’s ‘opt-in’ status. You can also segment based on engagement levels so you can filter out any contacts who aren’t showing interest in what you are sending to them.

3) Our Enterprise accounts* include a ‘program builder’. The program builder features nodes – actions, delays, decisions and end points – linked with connectors, enabling you to create automated workflows. Your contacts will be enrolled and then make their way through your program based on the rules you’ve specified. This may prove a handy tool when implementing actions provided by your GDPR consultant – specifically relating to re-engagement programs and nurturing opt-ins via automation – there are also some handy GDPR templates available too!

4) You can view our preference centre options via our Adviser-Store here which you may find of interest when exploring your unsubscribe options.

5) Make sure you have a strong password policy in place for MailFirst and remove any unnecessary users from your account.

6) Available on our Adviser-Store here is a template pack to guide you through your GDPR project. This is provided by Jigsaw Tree and includes a project plan, impact assessment, supplier tracking, application logs and more.

7) To further assist in putting processes in place, you may wish to look at MailFirst Advanced Training which will take you through the additional features and functionality MailFirst has to offer.

*Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our different account levels should you require more advanced features (some of which are mentioned above).