5 ideas to improve your financial services newsletter template

Newsletters are an effective way for advisers to communicate easily with their audience members; allowing a business to build on potential and existing relationships.

To keep your audience engaged with your newsletter, it’s important for your newsletter template to reflect the savvier nature of your audience. We’ve compiled a list of 5 ideas to help you improve your financial services newsletter:

  1. Integrating your social icons

Email marketing templates have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, allowing those with a creative eye to have a little more influence when it comes to designing templates. A trusted marketer though, will insist on incorporating social icons into the creative’s template design, usually in the header or footer. This common yet very effective practice works to encourage the flow of your audience’s journey.

  1. Effective call-to-action’s

A financial services newsletter is used to inform a business’s audience of the latest company news and industry insights. What better way to do this than by directing your audience back to your website through eye-catching CTA’s. Buttons and images can be utilised in a template to demand action from a user.

  1. Dynamic adviser signoff

Consider adding dynamic content to your newsletter templates sign off section to better personalise your communications. Dynamic Content enables you to tailor your campaign so different groups of your audience receive different content, images, copy or calls to action. So just one newsletter could be delivered to all your contacts but be sent from different people within your business.

  1. Be mobile friendly

Audiences are time-sensitive and are easily put off from having to pinch, scroll and zoom their way through a campaign. Optimising your template for mobile display not only helps your audience read your communication properly but it also reinforces their trust in you as a business. A mobile optimised template is seen as standard and if a business has put no effort in keeping up with the times, an audience will recognise this.

  1. Keep your newsletter short and sweet

People read online at a much faster rate than they do offline so it’s important to not overwhelm your audience by sending a lengthy newsletter. Also, including your most important information ‘above the fold’ is a good way to guarantee maximum exposure amongst your audience.

If you feel like your template could do with some enhancements, do get in touch today or visit our dedicated product page on our Adviser-Store to find out more about the templates we offer.

Dynamic Content isn’t included in our standard template setup. You can get in touch here if you’re interested in including dynamic content in your communications.