There’s more to email marketing than just sending a newsletter

The number one reason why you communicate with your contact list is to develop the relationship between you both. This can be done in the form of a monthly newsletter which offers value and increases brand awareness.

But did you know there’s a number of other ways in which you can engage your audience further?

Time-sensitive emails, automated campaigns and portfolio rebalancing are all other forms of campaigns which are very popular and all work to advancing your email marketing.

Timely-sensitive and ad-hoc emails

‘Timely sends’ is a term we use to define a mix of seasonal content and topical communications. Seasonal content can include electronic christmas cards, whilst topical communications may include summaries of events that have an impact on your audience, such as the Budget.

Historically, we’ve found that timely sends often result in better engagement levels.

A timely send doesn’t just have to be pre-planned like those mentioned above. You may have recently come across a handy piece of software which has made your day-to-day life easier or found a great deal that you know other people will appreciate. Sending an email to your client and/or prospect lists informing them of your latest findings is a great way to add a personal touch to your communications.

Automated campaigns

A clever feature within our email marketing platform, MailFirst, is that of being able to ‘trigger’ a campaign. Triggered campaigns are simply ready-built campaigns that automatically send when a predetermined rule has been met, such as a contact entering a specified address book. Harnessing the power of triggered campaigns allows you to create an automation program, an onboarding process or a date-triggered campaign (sending your clients an email on their birthday, for example).

Portfolio rebalancing

MailFirst can be utilised to create a portfolio rebalancing communication to share with your clients. By using dynamic content within MailFirst, we can send one mailer to all of your clients with a link to their individual portfolio. We will then match your data to the dynamic content rules so that depending on who the mailer is being sent to, the correct information and portfolio appears, all of it personalised.

Once everything is set up, you’ll just need to change the portfolio links each time you send a new mailer. See our handy infographic here which shows you how it can be as easy as pie!

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