Using images in your email marketing campaigns

Images naturally evoke emotion and thought which is why including them in your email campaigns offers great value to your overall email marketing activity. Images help to strengthen the message within your communication(s).

But just how many images should you use?

Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer. A frequent user of email marketing platforms, like MailFirst, will most likely be aware that sending one large image in a campaign with no text is a big no no. But that doesn’t mean that images should be shunned completely. A good balance between text and image helps balance out the pros and cons of including images in email. Around 30-50% images and 50-70% text.

What’s important to remember when crafting your campaign is that some email clients, by default, have images switched off. Knowing this can help shape your campaigns by not putting too much emphasis on the images in your campaign as they may never be seen by some of your audience.

Why include images at all?

Easy – images are important for memory, allow you to control the reader’s eye (to draw attention to and emphasise a point in your text) and can be used to reinforce your brand (bespoke images).

Getting the most out of your images

When inserting an image into an email campaign, there is the option to add alt and title text. Alt text appears when an image doesn’t load and the title text appears when a user hovers over an image. By adopting these tactics, you are able to cater for all of your recipients.

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