5 Email Marketing Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Email marketing is an effective way to communicate with your audience and sending regular campaigns is important. But just as important is monitoring your campaigns. Useful sections like the ‘reporting’ section within MailFirst will afford you the opportunity to discover metrics around your campaigns.

For most, open rates and unique click rates are as far as their reporting activity goes but we have five more we believe you should be tracking to work towards adding value to your email marketing activities.


Monitoring your unsubscribe rate is healthy practice for all who are involved in email marketing. This metric gives you insight into what, if any, campaigns trigger an unsubscribe from your audience. By keeping track of which campaigns, including the subject line and content, will enable you to tailor your future campaigns.

A MailFirst preference centre allows you to manage your data in the most efficient way and minimise unsubscribes. Broadening the unsubscribe options means that your contacts have another route they can take as opposed to clicking ‘unsubscribe’ to one mailer and being suppressed from all future communications

Top email client

Top email client breaks down by percentage the number of recipients who opened your campaign and which email client they did this on. Popular email clients include Outlook and Iphone as well as Gmail.

It’s important to know how your campaigns are being opened so you can make sure your communications are optimised efficiently for each email device that is related to your audience. Our MailFirst templates are all optimised for mobile and our in-house design and development team can create a brand new html template for you which is maximised for engagement.

As technology is ever expanding, email clients often roll out updates to their software which can impact how your campaign is aesthetically received. Being aware of these updates is helpful to your email marketing activities.

Click to open rate

Click to open rate is a key metric within MailFirst. Your click to open rate shows you the number of clicks your campaign generated as a percentage of the total number of your audience who opened it. This metric offers more insight into those within your audience who have interacted with your campaign by measuring their engagement with it.

Hot prospects report

There’s a very handy feature at home under the ‘more reports’ dropdown list on the reporting section of MailFirst. The hot prospects report enables you to set your own criteria of opens and clicks that constitute as a hot prospect for you. It then gives you an instant list of all the contacts who meet the set criteria. When you’ve narrowed down your contacts to those you’d consider as hot, you can then view a summary of each contact’s opens and clicks. These summaries include email open information such as time of open and browser and click information such as time of click and specific link(s) clicked.

You can also either export those contacts or create a new address book with them.

Non openers

Constant monitoring of your non openers, when actions are implemented off the back of the reporting, can help you reduce your email complaints and email suppressions such as soft and hard bounce. If a recipient in your data never opens your communications then the email marketing software will classify them as not interested. But by using this metric, you can work towards re-engaging them. For example, you can create a campaign just for those contacts seeking information from them or a reminder like ‘remember me?’.

All of the above mentioned elements can be found and accessed on the campaign reporting section. Feel free to give us a call if you’d like any more information on these. Alternatively, you can visit the help section where you’ll find information on all these metrics and more.