The Top 10 MailFirst Add Ons

Email Marketing continues to triumph year on year in terms of effective online marketing which is why we’ve compiled a list of MailFirst’s top ten ‘add-ons’ to assist you in maximising your email marketing potential.

    • Custom from address – a custom from address gives you exclusive use of a sending domain name such as ‘’. So when your audience receives your communication in their inbox, it will be this custom domain they see. Two advantages of purchasing a custom from address are that they maximise deliverability rates and engage your recipients for better open rates. Our dedicated ‘custom from address’ blog highlights more key areas in which a custom from address can add value to your email marketing. You can also click through to our Adviser-Store here for further information.
    • Survey and form builder – our sophisticated drag and drop survey and form builder enables you to collect data faster and smarter. The data collected from utilising survey and form builder syncs directly to your contacts. A cool feature from surveys is you can flawlessly create a page from your website where you can retain or remove elements of the page and add your survey where you’d like. Forms can be implemented to create branded, relevant and timed popovers on your website.
    • Upgrade your account to access program builder– upgrading your account to Enterprise from Express or Professional gives you access to program builder which enables you to implement a thorough lead nurturing program. This means you are able to connect with your audience when it matters to them. A successful program develops lasting relationships which are tailored dependent upon your audience’s behaviour. At the end of a well executed plan, you will have a pool of individuals who are truly interested in you and your services. It’s worth noting that B2C marketers who leverage automation have seen conversion rates as high as 50%.
    • Add a preference centre to your campaigns – a preference centre allows you to manage your data in the most efficient way and minimises unsubscribes. Implementing a preference centre gives your recipients another route they can take opposed to clicking unsubscribe. Click through to Adviser-Store here for more information.
    • Freshen up your template – your email template is very important to your email marketing. It not only affects the visual impact for your audience, it has to be built in such a way that it renders correctly across a multitude of devices. All our templates are optimised for mobile so you’ll decrease the chances of an instant, dismissive swipe. Recipients receive a huge number of emails a day, make sure yours is one to be remembered. Click through to Adviser-Store here for more information.
    • Add an alias to your account – an alias allows you to add another variation of your sending domain to your account. It’s the part before the ‘@’ sign that we label an ‘alias’. For example, you may already have ‘’ but you may like to also have ‘’ and ‘’. Purchasing an alias allows you to do exactly this. Those who have an alias are able to choose which one they would like to send campaigns from. For each campaign. Have a read on Adviser-Store here for more information. 
    • Benefit from upgrading to MailFirst Managed?MailFirst Managed is perfect for those of you who don’t have time to send out your own email marketing campaigns. By becoming a managed member, we handle everything for you: from setting up your newsletter, to selecting the content, to pressing ‘send’! We’ll get to know you first so that we select the correct content and then we’ll send everything across to you to review before the finished email goes out.
    • Upgrade your account to utilise dynamic content – upgrading your account to either Professional or Enterprise from Express gives you access to MailFirst’s dynamic content. Dynamic Content enables you to tailor your campaign so different groups of your audience receive different content, images, copy or calls to action. This means you can send one campaign with multiple targeted messages for different groups of contacts. Which message each group receives is dependent on the rules you set when you create the dynamic content. The rules are based on your contact distribution lists.
    • MailFirst training – if you are a MailFirst user, you will be familiar with its user friendliness. However, you may still find yourself needing a refresh on how everything works and how to use it in the most effective way for your business. We offer both ‘beginners’ and ‘advanced’ training dependent on your requirements, take a look here.
    • Bespoke portfolio rebalancing – by utilising dynamic content, we are able to send one mailer to all of your clients with a link to their individual portfolio. We will then marry your data to the dynamic content rules so that, dependent on who the mailer is being sent to, the correct information and portfolio appears. Click here to find out more and view our handy infographic.

Get in touch with the MailFirst team today to discuss taking your email marketing to the next level by implementing any or all of the above add ons.