Custom ‘from’ addresses

A custom ‘from’ address gives you exclusive use of a sending domain name such as A ‘sending domain’ is the email address that the mailer is being sent from. Ultimately, having a custom ‘from’ address allows you to personalise the sending domain. We discuss this in more detail and address the benefits of a custom ‘from’ address below.

What are the benefits?

When your recipients open your email, a custom ‘from’ address will be displayed. This is the email address they will see displayed at the top against the ‘From’ field.

Custom MailFirst

By default, when your MailFirst account is set up, an email address is created for you, but this uses our domain name instead of yours, although your company name is mentioned at the start,

A custom ‘from’ address can be purchased, allowing you to change the default ‘from’ address that’s provided when you set up your account. Custom ‘from’ addresses can be used for sending campaigns from an address that is more similar to your company’s address.

A custom ‘from’ address means you purchase your own bespoke domain. Having a bespoke domain means its reputation is monitored through activity in your account alone. Our default ‘clients-mailfirst’ address is shared by a number of MailFirst clients. Due to the nature of clients that we work with, the reputation of this domain is seen as generally very good by the ISP’s. However, the more MailFirst clients that use the default domain to send from, the more difficult it is to control deliverability rates.

There are two simple reasons why you should use a custom ‘from’ address:

1. Maximise delivery rates

2. Engage your recipients for better open rates

There are two major benefits of using our custom ‘from’ address service:

1. Get more of your emails into inboxes. Measures are always put in place to monitor how clients use the ‘’ domain. Sending from large contact lists where the relationship with those recipients is limited is a prime example of what we are looking out for and reacting to (MailFirst quarantines ‘risky’ data). Lot’s of suppressed contacts, whether that be due to marking as spam or where the email address simply doesn’t exist any more also contributes to the reputation of the domain. Although the reputation of ‘clients-mailfirst’ is looked upon as one of our highest priorities, we would encourage clients to purchase a custom ‘from’ address where possible.

2. Build your online brand and trust to improve your open rates. Your recipients will see only your brand in the custom ‘from’ address – no mention of clients-mailfirst. Making sure your ‘from’ address is fully branded like this will help increase your open rates. The more recipients see your company name, the easier it is for them to remember you. Making the best impression in your recipients inboxes can give your business the competitive edge.

If you would like to speak to us about purchasing your own bespoke domain name, you can contact us here.