Dynamic Content explained

As a MailFirst user you may well be familiar with the term ‘Dynamic Content’. Dynamic Content enables you to tailor your campaign so different groups of your audience receive different content, images, copy or calls to action.

This means you can send one campaign with multiple targeted messages for different groups of contacts. Which message each group receives is dependent on the rules you set when you create the dynamic content. The rules are based on your contact distribution lists.

The most common example of this is in the use of an adviser or account manager name and picture. By flagging in the MailFirst database that client John Smith is advised by Mark Jones, Dynamic Content will ensure John will receive the same email as the rest of your clients but with Mark’s picture at the top, whereas other clients will receive their own respective adviser’s details.

Mail first dynamic blog

Let’s take it one step further…

Many clients have reached out to us and asked if MailFirst can help them when authorising a portfolio rebalance.

The answer… yes it can!

The Dynamic Content feature means you can send one mailer to all of your clients with a link to their individual portfolio. We will marry your data to the Dynamic Content rules so that dependent on who the mailer is being sent to, the correct information and portfolio appears.

Moving forward, once everything is set up, you’ll just need to change the portfolio links each time you send a new mailer. You can set a streamlined authorisation process too through our web forms.

All you need to provide is your data and and we’ll set up the rest. Click here to view our data examples.

For more information on Dynamic Content or our other advanced offerings please contact us here.


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