Using MailFirst to send extra communications to clients; Greece, China and more…

featured-image-advanced-address-bookIf you use MailFirst as a Managed or Bespoke client, then you will, by now, be used to the fact that we make your marketing communications just happen for you!

For a set fee per month, we’ll put together your newsletter using Content Store articles, your own content or bespoke content we write for you. We’ll then receive your approval to send and make sure it lands in the inbox of all of your clients.

But there is more that you can do with MailFirst.

Although you are on a set fee per month, for a set amount of communications, adding supplementary communications is simple, easy and inexpensive.

For example, we have recently sent out extra communications regarding China’s ‘Black Monday’ for over twenty of our MailFirst Managed clients. We sent a similar number covering the ‘Grexit’ and many clients send extra emails when they are organising an event, for example, or have a notable piece of internal news.

The fee for such communications varies depending on exactly what they are, but here are some examples that should help to show how cost effective extra communications can be:

  • Extra stand-alone communication using your own content or content from the Content Store (e.g. to discuss ‘Black Monday’) – £80
  • Extra stand-alone communication with bespoke email content written specifically for you by us (e.g. to notify clients that you have won an award) – £160

It couldn’t be simpler to improve your client communications even further!

If you would like to send out a communication to clients discussing the current market situation or any other significant piece of news contact us here to discuss what type of message you would like to send and your required timescales.