And the feedback was…

Well, the summer budget has been delivered and our own results are in too!

The number of you who take up our branded budget summaries increases year on year and we are delighted to be able to help you help your clients in this way.

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to complete a budget summary feedback form too. At ClientsFirst we are great believers in continuous improvement and listening to our clients so your responses are invaluable in helping us evolve and introduce refinements. It is so rewarding for us to know that we are consistently hitting the mark.

There was great anticipation as to what this emergency or summer Budget would include and it certainly didn’t disappoint in terms of significant policy changes. A major overhaul to pension tax relief and changes to inheritance tax were just some of the measures which will have significant implications for your clients.

We were therefore pleased to hear you confirm that the summary outlined all the key factors for your clients clearly and comprehensively. According to your feedback, our budget summaries continue to be so highly regarded because they deliver on all fronts; great content, clear layout and above all, produced in a timely fashion.

Our aim with these summaries is always to provide topical information without being over-technical or difficult to understand. Accessible and not off-putting is our mantra. In this way, we can provide you with the springboard from which you can go into more detail on an individual basis with your clients.

So what did the facts and figures in your feedback actually reveal?

We are particularly delighted that once again the first thing to report from the Budget survey is that 100% of respondents gave the summary the top two marks (‘perfect’ or ‘good’) in every single category; design, layout, written content and timeliness. The split was over 70% perfect, and just under 30% good, in most categories. On the timeliness questions the result was an amazing 100% perfect. Thank you again! This is the figure that resonates particularly well with us as it makes all the preparation and working late into the night  (plus the pizza eating of course!) worthwhile! Seriously though, we feel this demonstrates that we have the systems and experience in place to be able to deliver to you in a timely way so that you in turn can be seen to be meeting your clients’ expectations. Job done on time, time after time.

Now, you may have just embarked on your summer holidays but it won’t be long before the leaves will soon be falling and autumn will be here –  of course this means we’ll be taking orders for our Autumn Statement  summaries. As usual, there will be early bird discounts so do keep your eyes peeled to take advantage of those.

If you would like to receive our updates relating to the Autumn Statement or other Budget related products, please email Jenny here. We’ll be here eating pizza late into the night for you again….!