MailFirst updates: March – April

MailFirst is updated regularly to make sure clients receive the best level of technology with the greatest array of features.

The following updates have been implemented recently to boost its usability and performance.

Enhanced reporting

Reporting provides you with the ability to have an overall view of how your campaigns are performing and we’re excited to announce that reporting has progressed on more levels than one.

You can now compare key metrics from separate campaigns against each other with MailFirst’s new visual dashboard. With this exciting new functionality you can compare important statistics like clicks and unsubscribes on an x/y axis graph or filter your metrics by campaign tags, campaign type (standard VS triggered) or lead score category, ensuring you have the information needed in a clear view, in order to tailor your campaigns to what works best for you. You also have greater control over your graphs as you are able to add in a secondary vertical axis.

You can access your dashboards on a tablet too, so you’re kept up to date even when you’re not at your desk!

Improved campaign tagging


New campaign tagging has been introduced to allow for easier management of your campaigns. Adding a tag or tags to your campaigns allows you to filter your mailers in reports and listings. For example, tagging appropriate campaigns with ‘Newsletters’ will enable you to filter all of your campaigns using that tag, so you can gain a clear view of how your tagged newsletters are performing as a whole.

Improved split test reporting

The enhancements that have been made to split test reporting mean that you can now filter on variations. This allows you to test several different variables within your campaign, such as subject lines, content and even your email from address. The improvements made within split testing strengthens your email marketing, as each ‘split’ is analysed to determine which part of your campaign is performing the best. This allows you to test and maximise your campaign using the best performing content.