MailFirst Update: IE7 no longer supported in 2014

As we plan for the future developments to come in MailFirst, we’ve taken the decision to end support of Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), as of 1st January 2014.

This decision has been taken for a number of reasons but the first thing to say is that if you are still using IE7 in January, then it is very possible that most of MailFirst will still work. What this change means is that we just won’t be offering active support with the product if this is the browser you are using when you experience a problem. New features to MailFirst will also not be developed with the browser in mind, so it is likely that you will be unable to use any new functionality released during 2014 and beyond.

The reason for making this change is largely due to the fact that, although we recognise a small number of people do still use it, IE7 is now a very old browser, first released in April 2009. Just 0.6% of the web’s entire browser usage comes through it and popular websites like Google and Facebook either don’t work with IE7 or don’t offer support for it (Google dropped support for it over 2 years ago).

Not supporting IE7 from January allows the software to continue developing in line with the capabilities of modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox or the current IE version, IE11, meaning we can bring more new features to you, sooner.

It’s worth noting that the advanced drag-and-drop functionality of the editor does currently still work with not only IE7 but also IE6 and it’s likely that most of MailFirst will continue to do the same for some time. However, we highly recommend you take the opportunity to upgrade your browser between now and the New Year, taking advantage of the many improved features you’ll benefit from, as well as better MailFirst performance!