MailFirst Updates: January 2014 – new social links and an updated menu

MailFirst is updated regularly to make sure clients receive the best possible level of technology with the greatest array of features.

During November, December and the beginning of January, the following updates were made to the system to aid its usability and performance.

Updated social linking


The social media function of MailFirst is an important one as it allows you to promote your presence on various social networks to your database, every time you send them an email.

The system of adding your social networks to your eshots has been updated, with a new facility for adding networks to your email and a new settings panel to tweak how they appear.

To start the process, just drag the social links icon as normal to the desired location, then click on the ‘add social networks’ button. A new window will now appear which makes it easier to add in your network links.

To change how they display, the new settings window will now be open on the left of the screen, allowing you to change whether text is displayed or not, as well as the text’s style and the positioning and stylisation of the icons.

New top menu design

The top menu has been redesigned to give you access to all of your MailFirst services quickly and easily. Don’t worry: everything is still there! For most clients, you’ll find everything you need by staying on the ‘Email’ button from the top menu.

Yahoo email addresses now use SSL

Yahoo changed to SSL encryption on January 8th. To reflect this change, MailFirst now supports this and behaves exactly as it already does with Hotmail and Gmail.

Table resize issue fixed

An issue which meant it was difficult to resize a table by dragging and dropping the borders has now been resolved.